Property Management

Over several real estate cycles owning and operating properties in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania we have been able to adopt a management model that emphasizes positive cash flow, meticulously maintained properties, a highly responsive tenant service culture, and an understanding of the building systems and structure comprising our properties to minimize maintenance costs and tenant disruption.

Our properties are managed proactively; we aim to address issues before they become major repairs in the future.  The company also maintains control over all aspects of tenant improvements and finishes.  Rigorous cost controls are in place to ensure that all jobs are properly budgeted with adequate construction allowances to ensure projects are completed properly.

We physically make site visits to our properties and continually meet with managers and property personnel to assure all persons responsible for fulfilling owner, manager, and tenant directives.  Each of the firm’s property managers is assigned a corresponding manager within the Mehra organization to guaranty continued attention to tenant service, construction projects, maintenance and repair and overall property image. 

Existing tenant issues and concerns are our utmost concern.  We want our tenants to be able to reach us at any time to voice issues that might affect their business or residence.  Tenant retention is paramount to our business, and it starts with answering the call.