History and Approach

Mehra Properties has acquired a substantial portfolio of residential, commercial, industrial, retail and mixed use real estate in select areas of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Since 1981, the philosophy that underlies the investments is to patiently seek well located, well priced properties, and to add value so that their potential is fully realized.  A thorough knowledge of the area’s many micro-markets is at the heart of this approach.

Redevelopments in Manhattan’s Flatiron and Chelsea districts, for instance successfully undertook the conversion of many underperforming, underpriced former garment factory loft buildings into highly desirable office or residential space.  Shopping Center development in New Jersey and Pennsylvania was another asset class that added to our firm’s successful growth during the 1990’s. 

As we continue to search out new opportunities in growing areas and asset classes, Mehra Properties long term hold philosophy, and utilizing tax benefits through real estate investment will remain our model.  Property re-investment, thorough management, selective leasing and tenant retention, conservative re-financing, maintaining healthy cash flow, and distributing proceeds to our investors is the goal of the firm.   

Throughout the company’s history, optimizing the impact of capital investment has resulted in an enviable record of payouts to investors, many of whom have joined in several investment opportunities. Even in down markets, of which there have been several during the nearly 40 years the company has been doing business, Mehra Properties has prospered with conservative use of leverage, significant equity contributions, carefully managed expenses, diversified tenant populations and sustainable rents.